Summer 2016 Season Wrap-Up!

Now that the summer anime season is pretty much over and a new season is getting ready to start, it’s time for the wrap-ups and previews to commence once again in that glorious flurry of happy endings and new beginnings that we’ve all come to know and love! And to be quite honest, there were quite a number of happy endings this summer season, as I ended up enjoying most of the shows I watched quite a bit more than I expected I would. Continue reading “Summer 2016 Season Wrap-Up!”

Summer 2016 Mid(Late)-Season Status Report

Time may fly when you’re having fun, but it doesn’t really get up to speed until you try keeping up with a packed anime season. Continue reading “Summer 2016 Mid(Late)-Season Status Report”

Summer 2016 Preview: Orange


Do you ever get the feeling, when you start watching an anime that you don’t know much about, and you hear the first strains of that slightly melancholy music–you know the kind I’m talking about–and even though nothing particularly emotionally-charged has happened yet, you just know, in the pit of your stomach, in your heart of hearts, that this anime is absolutely, inescapably, unavoidably going to make you cry? Continue reading “Summer 2016 Preview: Orange”