Summer 2016 Mid(Late)-Season Status Report

Time may fly when you’re having fun, but it doesn’t really get up to speed until you try keeping up with a packed anime season. Continue reading “Summer 2016 Mid(Late)-Season Status Report”

Summer 2016 Preview: Sweetness & Lightning


Maybe I’m just not that observant, but it seems to me that anime with stories revolving around the daily lives of parents and their children are rather few and far between, in spite of the potential richness of the topic. Once in a while you’ll have a show like Erased that explores a parent/child relationship as a part of its story, but let’s face it–in most anime involving young protagonists, their parents are pretty incidental. So when an anime comes along promising a heartwarming story about a father and his young daughter, I’m inclined to check it out, if only to see something different from the norm. In the case of Sweetness & Lightning, that may just have led me to my anime of the season. Continue reading “Summer 2016 Preview: Sweetness & Lightning”